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Place your business in front of thousands of online leads by securing an advertising ekiosk on websites of companies related to your industry and services or products you provide. 


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Key Features

Benefits For Your Business

Mobile Friendly

Website designed to work on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Easy Updates

Your ekiosk can be esaily modifed and updated.

Uninterrupted Display

Website is always running, 24/7, so is your eKiosk.

Locked Position

Secure your unique position to display and lock it while subscribed.

Increase Business

Watch your leads come with this affordable advertising.

Email Notifications

You get an instant email notification when a lead registers.

Full Page Ads

A full page advertising can be displayed with all your business information.

User Friendly Pop-ups

Modern design that invites visitor to complete and submit form.

Modify Anytime

Cancel, add, or modify your subscriptions as you wish.

A whole new way to advertise your business

Imagine your business advertised at a affordable price on an industry related business having the opportunity to be seen by thousands of visitors looking for products or services like yours. This is advertising with eKiosks.

Built to Showcase

Higher Traffic, More Business

SEO Optimized

Built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind the site attracks more organic visitors.

Easy to Navigate

Fully responsive, user-friendly website filled with useful information to engage visitor and keep them coming back.

Dozens of Searches

Over 40 different pre designed search pages to provide visitors with many options to explore and see your ads.

Returning Visitors

Better Content

Website has been designed so the visitor keeps on coming back for more information, details and overall experience. Additionally it allows visitors to share content with family and friends and have them as visitors as well. You eKiosks will be seen by visitors from many sources:

Initial Visitors

Returning Visitors

Family and Friends Referred by Visitors

Visitors Attracted by Other Advertisers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

High quality customer service to provide you with assistance or information on every product we offer. Real help from real people.

Bundle and Save

You can save money by selecting Bundles and by strategically selecting the position of your eKiosks on the table from the five different available.

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